Kolyada Group, Inc.
Suite 2201, 250 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2L7
tel.: +1 (416) 4076503
email: office@kolyadagroup.com



Kolyada Group develops and commercializes premier quality computer-generated imagery (CGI) and integrated solutions in visualization and graphics. Our team is dedicated to combining existing best practices in creating images and effects with innovative approaches to programming for the graphics. We work collaboratively with Mirostroy - a boutique firm with over a decade-long track record of producing quality graphics.

What we do:

We have been working for our clients in real estate visualization; interior and exterior design; urban planning and landscaping; luxury objects prototyping and modeling; media content creation; scene, character and effect design for various applications. We deliver full range of services: designing a concept, contributing to complex images or scenes, developing finished products. The team has excelled in creation of static images, 3D graphics, animations, video effects, fractal landscapes, virtual and augment reality environments and applications. Benefitting from having strong in-house software development practice, we are capable of designing supporting software and implementing the ideas on mobile and web platforms.

How we do it:

Some of the technologies and frameworks that we work with include 3Ds Max, CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Corona, After Effects, Houdini, Unity 3D.

Static images

Object and environment visualization


Construction, modelling, civil engineering, landscaping, interior design, prototyping of objects for pre-production and marketing purposes.

Scientific and technical imaging


Visualization of objects, substances and processes on micro and macro scales: e.g. biology, anatomy, life sciences (molecule discovery), chemistry, astronomy, educational programs.

Animation, 3D, Video

Animation and video


Architectural animations, visual effects for arts, commercials, video games, films, simulators. Modeling of dynamic substances (fluids, gases, fire) and complex solid objects
Computer-generated scene and character design.

3D and 360-degree visualization


Visual scenes, panoramic and “walk-through” environments.

Augmented/virtual reality

Interactive simulated and augmented environments


Commercial, educational, entertainment software for the handheld devices and wearable electronics.