Kolyada Group, Inc.
Suite 2201, 250 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2L7
tel.: +1 (416) 4076503
email: office@kolyadagroup.com

Kolyada Group's business model is based on two pillars:

Delivering professional services to our clients
Striving to help our clients to increase value, the Kolyada team designs and implements tailor-made projects in software & outsourcing business solutions and in computer-generated imagery. We have been successfully contributing to our clients’ growth by:
enhancing visualization materials used in marketing or R&D activities;
identifying and developing new ways of engaging the customers;
improving business process management and automation through IT-enabled solutions;
offering cost-optimized implementation of routine software development and IT infrastructure support tasks.

Incubating innovative ideas in-house
In pursuit of early adoption of high-potential technologies, Kolyada develops own projects in:
mobile applications;
augmented and virtual reality;
programming for the Internet of Things and the Cloud technologies.

Our expertise


Kolyada Mobile Platform

Kolyada Group is passionate about mobile technologies, wearable electronics, and the Internet of Things. At the Mobile Platform we develop, launch, and market products and services targeted at both end users and corporate clients.

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Kolyada Computer Graphics Platform

The Computer Graphics Platform at Kolyada hosts projects in development and marketing of computer-generated images, animations, 3D objects, and innovative virtual and augmented reality solutions.

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Kolyada Software and Outsourcing Platform

Kolyada Group's Software and Outsourcing Business Solutions Platform provides tailor-made solutions to business clients across the industries and capability areas. Our philosophy is to provide full-cycle solution to our clients by offering idea development, project implementation, consulting, and post-launch servicing.

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