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Mobile Platform

At Kolyada Group we have been actively engaged in deepening our expertise in existing mobile technologies, as well as piloting emerging ideas and concepts. As the future development of technology is expected to be influenced by mobile devices with ever increasing computing power and ubiquitous Internet access, it becomes important not only to keep up with the evolving technology, but also to stay ahead of the changing mobile industry trends.

Our engagement with mobile technologies is structured into three projects:

Mobile applications

Full cycle development and launch of applications providing value to the users by analyzing their behavior, interests, and needs; improving productivity; assisting in making decisions; helping create collaborative environments and social networks.

Technologies/capabilities: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Wndows Phone (C#)

Our in-house team and the network of collaborators around the globe have been piloting new ideas in:

Wearable technologies

Our programming for wearable gadgets is aimed at increasing functionality and usability of devices, such as smart watches and activity trackers, through improvements in operating systems, integration with other mobile devices, content development and adaptation.

Internet of the Things

The Kolyada team is currently envisioning and prototyping a number of ideas and solutions for the “smart home,” industrial automation, and entertainment application. We have been focusing on software development and hardware integration for the micro-computers, micro-controllers, and micro-sensors used to unite gadgets and equipment.

Technologies/capabilities: Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi; ZigBee

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